Vegas Fun!

I always said I wanted to go to Vegas to celebrate my 30th birthday. I assumed this would mean with Charger or some girlfriends and include late nights, lots of drinks, and tons of time by a fancy pool….. well I ended up making it to Vegas for my 30th, but it was all by chance, it was with my dad, and honestly better than any crazy drunken night in a club could have ever been…. Although, I could have used some time by the pool (but sadly it was waaaay too crowded, and dad preferred slots over the pool, I can’t say I blame him!)

I was lucky enough to go to Vegas earlier this month- basically for free. My dad was one of the top five salesman for the company he works for and as a result was given an amazing Vegas trip for him and a guest. My mom has terrible vertigo, so flying is out of the question for her….so that meant a Vegas trip for me and my dad! It was a great time- I will say that Vegas is truly an experience, the people, crowds, sights, and food are like no where else (at least no where else I have ever been).

A few things I loved about Vegas:

  1. The weather- it was mid 70s – which was a HUGE change from the snow and freezing temperatures I left behind.
  2. The food was absolutely amazing- some of the best I have ever had. Mon Ami Gabi, Hash House A Go Go, and Maggiano’s were some of my favorites!
  3. I found my favorite slot machine game (at multiple casinos) -Alice and The Mad Tea Party….I’m a sucker for penny slots that give you fun bonus games and make lots of sounds, and playing it in Vegas was certainly a bucket list item (Vegas in general was on my bucket list).
  4. The mountains – gorgeous views, we have mountains here, but nothing like the ones I was able to see on this trip!
  5. This one goes without saying – but spending time with my dad. My dad and I have always been close, and since we moved and had the baby I don’t see him nearly as much as I used to, so it was wonderful to have the opportunity to spend a few days with him.

Aspects of Vegas that I could have done without:

  1. The crowds….. so many people! I’m not a crowd person to begin with, and honestly I can do without people continuously trying to sell me something as I walk down the street.
  2. The price of things- everything is so overpriced in Vegas, especially bottled water. You can get a beer for ninety-ninety cents, but you better be ready to fork over some real dollars for water.
  3. The flight, not that it was a bad flight….but really who wants to be on a plane for over four hours?

Overall, you can see that the pros about Vegas certainly outweigh the cons. Is it somewhere that I could go every year? Probably not, but if given the opportunity to go back, I absolutely would!

Here are a few pictures….


Top: The lobby of the Bellagio, View of the Bellagio in the daytime
Bottom: View from my room, View of the Bellagio in the evening, Britney Spears at Planet Hollywood, Amazing fried Chicken from Hash House A Go Go

…And, yes I made my dad go see Britney Spears, which truly was wonderful! Honestly, if that woman can have the breakdown she did a few years back (remember when she shaved her head?!), have two kids, and still rock the body she is does…there is truly hope for us all! My dad was always quite entertained by the show! We also saw Jersey Boys and  Cirque du Soleil “O” – both were excellent! The amount of talent was outstanding and seriously unmatched to anything I have ever seen! The stunts in “O” had me holding my breath on more than one occasion. I’ve never seen a Cirque show previously, so this was my first and surpassed any hype I have ever heard. The stage itself had a water element, that was sometimes there/sometimes not, sometimes shallow enough to walk across/sometimes deep enough to high dive into – truly amazing. If you make it to Vegas and only see one show – I highly recommend “O” – you will not be disappointed!

I know this post was a little off topic, but I figured it’s nice to share something fun every now and then; and you all know how much I love traveling- especially to new places!

I will say I did miss Charger and the Little One like crazy, but it gave them the chance to bond (and for Charger to see how my days usually go). I will say I think he could rock the stay at home dad thing…. if it didn’t love being an officer so much. When I got home the laundry was done, the house was clean, and the baby was happy – what more could I have asked for?!

Until next time,

Ms. Officer Charger

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