Why I Quit Beachbody Coaching

The cancellation form is sitting in the mailbox waiting to go out today and I feel a sense of relief and happiness. I have no doubts that this is the right decision for me…

I have made the decision to step away from Beachbody Coaching – as I realize that it no longer brings me happiness. First I want to say that Beachbody does have some amazing workouts and did help me get back into fitness, but Beachbody coaching is not something I am passionate about. For many this is a wonderful opportunity, and I personality know individuals who have replaced (and exceeded) the income they were making at their regular full-time job. For me, I found it brought disappointment and unpleasant feelings. I am not writing this post to sway you away from Beachbody, or to upset anyone, I am writing to share my experience since I like to share all aspects of my life on this blog.

I don’t want this post to come off negative, but let me focus on the top five aspects of Beachbody coaching that impacted my decision to leave the business.

  1. The saturation of coaches. Let’s be honest everyone knows at least one Beachbody coach – whether it’s a relative, a friend, a friend’s cousin. Coaches are every where. There is so much competition that it comes off as just that – a competition to see who can help the most people. It’s also not uncommon to really connect with someone and then have them sign with another coach.
  2. The workout pictures- I felt like I couldn’t work out and not tell someone, and let’s be honest you can only post so many sweaty workout pictures – because even you are annoyed with them. I want to work out for me, and not because I have to share it with the world. Yes, I might be good at motivating others, but I can do so on my own time and in my own way. (Same with food pictures- yes, I will post food pictures here and there – but every time I make a good decision -it doesn’t have to be shared)
  3. The scripted feeling – let’s be honest no matter how genuine someone is, some of the things a coach says still come off as scripted and fake. While, I loved a lot of the ladies that grew to be my friends in Beachbody I did feel like some of it was fake. Since the focus of Beachbody is creating relationships- I truly never knew if someone really was interested in me, or just wanted to connect for business reasons. I hated feeling like I was talking to people, so that in the end I could invite them to something – it’s just not my style. Also,  the “formula” of posting questions on your Facebook- just get more “activity,” while I love honest questions, you can see completely through the fake ones. “How do you like your coffee?” “Do you go shopping on Black Friday?”  Enough! If you have something important to say I want to see it, if you have a question that has the underlying purpose to get tons of action on it – I don’t want to be a part of it.
  4. Beachbody is not the end all of everything. I think a big wake up for me happened when I became pregnant and gave up drinking Shakeology – guess what I didn’t gain a million pounds, I didn’t get sick (at all- even during flu season) and I was still able to have energy to get through my day. While Shakeology is a great place to start – it’s no longer something I feel like I have to continue to be healthy. Also, my favorite (“soul mate” workout if you will) isn’t Beachbody related – it’s Pure Barre. While Beachbody might have encouraged me try new things- Pure Barre gave me more confidence then I could have ever imagined and it is truly something I love (sorry totally off topic…let’s get back to our list)
  5. It is just isn’t me. I don’t love posting pictures of myself in a sports bra. I don’t want to be all over a Google search and while “selfies” are fun, I don’t need to take one to go with everything I have to say (just to get your attention when you are scrolling). I always felt like I was trying to force myself into a mold that wasn’t natural for me – and ultimately that is probably why I didn’t see (or would never ) huge success in a business such as this.

As you know – I am all for at home businesses – I love that so many women are becoming their own bosses and spending more time with their families. I love the doors that at home business can provide, but for me I have to be involved in one that aligns with my passion and beliefs.

So, there you  have it my reasons and thoughts on why I am done with Beachbody coaching. I feel a sense of relief that I can be myself and not force something that I do not have driving passion for. Here’s to focusing my time and energy on my Radiantly You business, my writing, and of course my family.

The countdown to thirty is truly in full swing…

Ms. Officer Charger

2 thoughts on “Why I Quit Beachbody Coaching

  1. Good for you Nicole! I can agree with you on the fact that you can only post so many sweaty pics. I really don’t know if people want to see all that! & I certainly don’t want to post sports bra pics, especially at my age!

    Im all for health & fitness & I love bb products, but you do raise some good points about the business. I may have found something else though that is still very helpful to people.

    Now I’m gonna check out what you are doing with the company you r now in. I’m always interested in finding out what’s out there. Message me on FB about your new business .

  2. Thanks Deb! Yes, beachbody does have some amazing products, and it’s a great opportunity for many, I just found Radiantly You as a better fit- I will send you some info about it! The products are all natural, which I love!

    Let me know if you have any bb coaching questions, I did do it for a while and have tried a ton of the workouts! I am sure you will be successful in whatever path you decide-you have so much background in health and fitness. I would love to see you do more with dance again!

    Talk to you soon!

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