….And We Have a Baby!

….wait what? Yup, that’s right baby girl decided to make her appearance 10 days ago- on June 3rd – 5 days before her expected due date. Luckily the house was unpacked, mostly organized; although we could have certainly used another week to really settle in- but clearly baby girl had other plans!

To say having a baby is amazing, is an understatement-as it is absolutely the best thing that has happened to Charger and I. We couldn’t ask for anything better. She is actually napping on my lap as I write this post. Today baby girl and I are having a quiet Saturday at home. We were lucky that Charger was able to take over a week off to spend time with us (and get a few more things done around the house), but he did head back to work today. I know it was hard for him to leave this morning – but the good news is that he is so close –  once he is off training he will be able to stop home during his shift and we can even stop up the station for a quick visit or lunch.

I will say that the entire experience of having the baby could not have gone better. I was able to have an uncomplicated labor and delivery. My goal was  to avoid any drugs/epidural and have a natural birth- which I was able to successfully accomplish. While natural labor was tough (especially the back labor/contractions- the entire time), it was absolutely worth it and I would do it again. The outcome – a beautiful little girl- was well worth the pain, and honestly the contractions were far worse than the pushing.  I was lucky to have an amazing doula, nurse, doctor, and of course Charger by my side. Charger was the biggest supporter of my natural birth plan and helped me overcome the pain even when I was near giving up (never to the point of an epidural – I knew I didn’t want that -but I was considering IV drugs). I cannot say enough about the support he gave me.

I will say that having an abnormal schedule  benefits us with having a newborn. Sleeping in 3-4 hour shifts is often normal for Charger and myself – and we are lucky that baby girl tends to eat around 11pm or midnight and then won’t wake up again until 3am or 4am; and, we will typically go back to sleep until 7am or 8am after that. Only one night (the second night we were home) did she decide that she wanted to be awake from 2am until 6am. When you are pregnant so many people make comments about not even sleeping when the baby comes, but honestly it has not been that bad. We could be better at napping when she naps – during the day and evening, but I have using the time she sleeps to keep up on the house and of course spend some quality time with Charger.

I can’t wait to share more about our expanded LEO family and all the great things that are sure to come in the coming weeks, months, and years!

Stay Safe –

Ms. Officer Charger

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