We are moved in!

Well after a very extremely long weekend we have officially moved into the new house! We still have ways to go to get everything organized, but it is finally coming together! I never knew just how long home projects and cleaning could take! We have been so lucky to have amazing friends and family who have worked countless hours to help us move, unpack, clean, and work on some minor renovations (and lots of painting!). I have been in a pretty big disadvantage with this move being so pregnant – it seems every time I lift a box or moved something I get yelled it -but I have helped where I can!

This morning is actually one of the first moments where I have had a chance to sit and really feel like everything is coming together! We have the office/extra tv/workout room all organized and put together, along with the living room, kitchen, and dining room; so besides finishing up the vanity installation in the bathroom and hanging the mirror (and of course hanging pictures in each room) our first level is just about completely done!

Today Charger has promised to help me organized the basement some more and hook up the washer and dyer, so I can get all the baby clothes washed and put away. Our main goal for this lovely Memorial Day is to put together the crib and have the baby’s room just about ready to go – since we are getting closer and closer to her due date (June 8th). I have no indications of going early, at this point, but you just never know- so, I would rather be fully prepared and ready!

Speaking of Charger, I should work on getting us both some coffee and waking him up to get started on our day. So, I apologize for keeping this so short today, but like I said in my last post I will be making a solid effort to post a lot more in the coming days and weeks!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. I do have to take a short moment to recognize all those who have given their all, for us to have all the freedoms that we do in this country. Even through all the craziness of life, I will still take the time today to remember and to be truly thankful.

To all those on duty, stay safe out there –

Ms. Officer Charger 

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