My Silence

I know it’s been a while since I have posted, and (to be honest) I have sat down quite a few times during the past month to write; but, I just haven’t been able to find the words. Since this is a police based blog (among all the other odds and ends of my life), I have wanted to write about current events- but just have not been able to express what I need to. I sat down and started a few posts that had nothing to do with current events, but were related, instead, to fitness, Christmas, shopping, and other random thoughts, but it didn’t feel appropriate to post about the joys of the season and other irrelevant topics when so much was going on.

I still I am not sure that I have the words. The state of our country has me so disappointed. There is so much violence, hatred, and meaningless killing being done on a daily basis. There are protests, and bias media, there are unnecessary deaths. There are fatherless children, widows, and parents outliving their children.

There is just no reason for it. No reason for the hatred to continue. I am sick of the hashtags about what lives matter….how about just simply all lives matter. We are all part of the same human race, we live on the same earth, breath  the same air, and have the same rights. The divisions that are being created do not need to be there -and the media and those in power need to stop deepening those divisions. Those in higher government offices hold the power to set the example to focus on unity, and instead they are the driving force behind what is dividing us.

I will be the first to tell admit, I hate politics, I hate political parties, I hate the divisions that are continuously being pushed. Why do we have to pick a side? Fit in a specific mold? Why can’t we just focus on the good and the bad. You either do the right thing, or you don’t. You either follow the rules and be an upstanding citizen, or you don’t, and you face the consequences. I am sick of the excuses, the entitlement, and the consistent battle. It is becoming a struggle out there just to survive, and I don’t know when, if, or how it is going to get better. Everyone needs to stop being a follower and stop and think – what kind of word do we want our children to grow up in? What examples do we want to set for them? I just hope that someone can take hold of this country (and soon) and push us in a more positive direction – a direction that is accepting, shows respect, and realizes that every action has a consequence.

Now more than ever, to all first responders keep your head up and remember you followed your calling to protect and serve, you are the ones who run in when everyone else runs out. Those who take your oaths seriously are outstanding members of our society. Please remember that you have many who support and respect you. Thank you for all that you do.

In memory of those who have given their all.

Stay safe out there –

Ms. Officer Charger

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