Announcing Unexpected Surprises.

As I begin this post – I am already giggling to myself- if you have followed any of my posts, you will know that Charger and I do not have any children (minus the 4 legged kind that come with a tail); and just a few months ago I posted “Married Without Children,” well….I I guess I was jinxing myself, because (you have probably figured out where I am going with this) the Charger household will be expanding by one more come this June! I think I actually may have been pregnant when I posted that (whoops! – little did I know I was “Married without Children, but with baby on board).

We were not planning on this addition this soon (Charger is interviewing for full time and we are still house hunting), but once over the initial shock, we could not be more thrilled and excited about this new chapter in our lives. Of course, I would have preferred to join the pregnancy club after the holiday season, or at least had some warning that sushi, wine, and medium steaks were going to be taken from me so abruptly, but overall I had have a really easy pregnancy so far, so I can’t complain. My morning sickness was minimum and short lived, and besides being tired (which is finally starting to ease up) I have been feeling really awesome.  I’m also already starting week 13- the last week of my first trimester- and it has seriously been the fastest weeks of my life!

I’ve obviously had to change around a few things, once finding out I was pregnant- including limiting my coffee intake, and taking it a bit easier on the workouts- but I am happy to announce I have still been going to Pure Barre multiple times a week (I will be posting more about this as the weeks progress) and fitting in other workouts as well. I am glad that I had been working out consistently before getting pregnant- as I feel it has really helped me continue and focus on being healthy. My ultimate goal was to be a bit more in shape before I got pregnant, so I know I need to be careful and watch my weight gain.

Of course I am nervous – and know that we have a lot to get figured out in the coming months, but the good thing is that I do have a large amount of time saved, so I will have a fully paid maternity leave – which eliminates a good about of stress. It will also be the first time (ever) that I will be off in the summertime! (Yes, I know I am a teacher, but my position is 12 months and even before I began teaching virtually, I tutored/taught all summer at a local learning center).  I also think the summertime will help be get out and about faster- rather than sitting in the house and not socializing.

I have to say Charger has been so wonderful throughout this whole experience- and is so supportive and excited about our little bundle of joy! He has been my rock, and I really don’t think I would have gotten through the emotional roller coaster without him (hey I’m pregnant, my emotions are bound to be a little wacky!). He has been so patient with me, and I am so thankful for this each and every day!

He was 100% pushing for a boy, but I think he has welcomed the idea of a girl as well (who couldn’t after seeing all the adorable dresses and bows at the store!). I will tell you that I want a girl, but when it comes down to it – I just want a happy and healthy baby, we both do. Although, I cannot wait to find out, so I can start shopping! I haven’t let myself buy any baby stuff yet – mostly because I was waiting to get past my 12 week appointment (when you get to hear the heartbeat- which is seriously the most amazing experience you will ever have, at least up to this point), and because I really want to buy clothing and items accordingly (gender info needed!).

I am really excited to share this journey with my readers, and hope that information I post can be useful to other moms to be – and of course I will continue to share my police wife stories as well.

Here is how we announced the news to many of our friends and family:

Ruger Picture

Well back to work – lots to catch up on after the Thanksgiving Break!

Happy Hunting Season! – be safe out there and (as always) to those on duty stay safe!

Ms. Officer Charger

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