Thank a Police Officer


I know that I have strong ties to the Law Enforcement world being married to a Police Officer, and I thank Charger and the other officers I know on a regular basis for all that they do; but, I would like to think that even if another profession had chosen Charger that I would still feel the same way that I do. The Police world can certainly be a thankless job; and, with all the death and hatred that has been spinning around lately, it would be wonderful if everyone, if even for just a moment, could realize what these men and women do each and every day.

There is something to be said about those who run towards danger and not from it. Those who leave their families at home to protect the lives of complete strangers, some grateful, some not. Those who push past the negativity and danger to support the common good. Those who put it all on the line to protect a stranger’s well-being. Those who consistently have a target on and fight preconceived notations about them on and off duty, but still keep their focus.

I encourage you to take a moment today to thank those whose job is to keep your family safe. To thank those individuals who are often taken for granted in our society. A police officer (and their family) sacrifice more than you realize, and are often not shown the support or respect they need and deserve; instead, they are often disrespected, judged, and unappreciated. Instead of turning away, I challenge you to support them today and everyday.
To those who have taken the oath to protect and serve thank you. Thank you for the long shifts, sleepless nights, time away from your families, and for overcoming numerous obstacles along the way.

Thank you also to my fellow LEO wives, you are often not thanked either, and you deserve the biggest thank you for holding down the fort at home, for being as selfless as you can when your job is to support your Police Officer as he walks out the door for another shift. Even when I thanked Charger today he said, without skipping a beat, It should be thank an officer and an officer’s wife day.  So, even if no else says it, know that you are the support and strength behind the badge.

Here’s to all coming home safe at the end of shift.

Ms. Officer Charger 

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