The Need for the Known

We had a calm Friday night in the Charger household – we did some cleaning/organizing and even had time to grab a quick dinner and run to the mall to pick up a new suit for Charger. Once we came back home and Charger went to sleep, since he works midnight, I decided to relax after a long week and watch either a show or movie on Netflix.

As I flipped through all the different shows – adding random movies to “my list” and trying to find something to watch – I found myself looking at movies I haven’t seen, never heard of, want to watch, and watched at least ten times, not to mention the numerous tv series available. However- I kept coming back to movies and shows I have seen. Why do I want to commit to two hours of something I know?!? I started to really think about this – as I hit play to watch season 1 episode 1 of Weeds – which I have seen the whole season of at least three or four times. And, I’m writing this blog as episode 2 plays- which brings me back to the question why pick something I have seen, when I have thousands of shows I could watch that I haven’t seen?

I’ve decided it’s the known – and the known is comforting. You know what is going to happen to each character, you know where the plot is going. You know where the story ends, so even if things get tough or bad – you still know the ending, and usually (in most cases) the resolution is happy and works out. When you live in a world where things change consistently – it is comforting to know the outcome – instead of wondering what will happen next, or what actions you need to take to get to the ending. The story is already written – you know what happens and you do not have to put any effort into it.

Sometimes we need the known – we need to be a part of something that is effortless and has an ending that we know. It a world of uncertainty, distress, and stories without endings  – there is no shame in reaching for the familiar.

I hope you all enjoy a restful and quite Friday night – and to all those on duty tonight stay safe out there –

Ms Officer Charger


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