Unanswered Questions

It took me a while to be able to sit down and figure out what I wanted to say in this post – and I’m still not sure I know exactly the right words to express my thoughts. Late last week – there was another school tragedy, this time it was fairly close to home at a local school district – Franklin Regional. 

In this incident the student came to school with two kitchen knives and began to stab his fellow classmates. The fortunate aspect of this violent attach is that there were no deaths. There were serious injuries- but all who were injured are expected to make a full recovery- some after being in critical condition. The situation is an absolutely terrifying one. Children are sent to school to learn and as a society we expect schools to be a safe place for children- but tragedy after tragedy we have yet to change much. Yes, many schools have security – unarmed security. Is armed security the answer? A police office (or two) in every school? Metal detectors? Locked doors? What is it going to take to ensure that children are safe? 

Charger’s opinion on school violence – is the lack of training given to be able to protect a school full of children. It isn’t putting them all in one area- it isn’t just laying down and letting someone take your life. It is the need for additional force – armed security and the will to survive. I’m not agreeing or disagreeing – it is just sharing the way a LEO’s mind work. It’s the will to stop the threat -and to help others learn the appropriate actions to take as well. Instead of weather drills- schools need drills to know what to do in difficult situations. How can they escape the threat – and what can teachers and administration due to stop the threat and protect those who they have been given the role of keeping safe each and every day.

Another question that many are left with is why? Why do violent attacks such as this keep happening in our schools? In our communities? What do these kids need that we are not providing to them? Or even adults in our society? Why do we put the news on day after day to hear of stabbings, shootings, mothers drowning their own children – why?

Mental health is such a touchy subject in our society – and it needs more attention. It needs to be talked about. It shouldn’t be such a negative stigma. As a society we should reach out to those  who are in need of help – and focused not on labels, but instead on solutions to keep not only individuals safe, but our society and children safe as well. 

The question of bullying always comes up as well – what can we do to teach children to respect each other, respect their differences, and treat others they way that they should be treated – and that doesn’t come from school. That starts at home – parents need to step up and teach their children respect. They need to raise their children, not let society raise their children – or blame society for their child’s faults. Although, this is a whole another subject – with a lot that can be said….

Let’s hope that the coming weeks, months, and years begin to bring solutions, not more problem and unanswered questions.

To all those affected by tragedy and pain – may you find comfort –

Ms. Officer Charger

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