Our Little Getaway

Since I was away from my blog for a bit – I completely forget to write about my birthday trip! It was truly a wonderful experience- for both Charger and myself. A much needed get away from all the overnight shifts, court, and endless phone calls and texts that seem to take up our days.

Charger actually planned the entire trip and surprised me for my birthday, which was back in January; however, we just took the trip at the beginning of this month. We went to Lake Chautauqua in New York -which neither of us had ever been too – but I would without a doubt go back! It was quaint, quiet, and peaceful. The area is right beside the Eire Wine Trail- so of course we visited a few wineries while we were there. My favorite was a winery called 21 Brix – the woman working there was so nice and talked with us all about the area, the history of the winery, how the wines were made, and gave us some excellent recommendations. I really enjoyed this winery because you were able to purchases glasses of wine and just sit and relax. We spent quite a few hours tasting various wines and just relaxing.

Upon investigating the area we also found that we were about 20 minutes from the Southern Tier Brewer – being that Charger and I both love craft beers we made this the highlight of day 2 of our trip. It was certainly worth the 120 dollars we ended up spending on draft beers, lunch, a tour, and of course some six packs to bring back with us. My favorite was a Creme Brulee Stout beer- it was delicious! – and had the smell of caramelized sugar. Even if you are not a big dark beer fan – I highly recommend trying it! Charger’s favorite was a raspberry beer that was only available on draft at the brewery (so unfortunately, we could not purchase any of that to bring back with us!). However, his second favorite: Eurotrash was available so we grabbed a six pack of that on our way out! Below is a photo of the amazing sandwiches they had! Mine is the pulled pork and Charger had the meatloaf.


It was so nice to get away from it all. We spend a solid two nights/three days together just enjoying ourselves. We didn’t have to worry about the dog, cleaning, bills, or phone calls (we actually made it a point to leave the phones on silent the one day). We even spent some time walking around on the Frozen lake – which was super nerve wracking at first! Below is Charger just taking in views. It was so calming and utterly beautiful. It isn’t often that we get the chance to just be and enjoy the scenery around us. cropped-ian.jpg

I love trips- I don’t even think we were there an hour and I was already asking Charger when we could come back! Of course- he just laughed at me – and reminded me to enjoy this trip- and to think about a second one after we returned home.

If you are looking for a getaway and happen to decide on Lake Chautauqua here is where we stayed and went:

Webb’s Resort – decent hotel right on the lake – although, I would probably try a different hotel next time. Our room was nice, but a bit outdated. Our room did have a fireplace and a jacuzzi tub though (I absolutely love being able to lay in the jacuzzi and watch tv).

The Restaurant at Webb’s Resort (Webb’s Captain’s Table) – amazing! I had the best Cajun Scallops and Filet and Charger had the Prime Rib (which he also said was the best he ever had)….not to mention the bacon-wrapped scallops appetizer they had and creme brulee for dessert!

Vine City – again awesome food. It is located  in nearby Mayville- which is less than 10 minute drive. I had an amazing chicken dish and Charger had short ribs (also amazing).

Wineries: 21 Brix and Johnston Estate Wintery

Where is your favorite long weekend getaway? I am always looking for new ideas and places for us to try! Plus Officer Charger has a birthday coming up in May….

As always,

Stay safe –

Ms. Officer Charger

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