You Know You are a Police Wife When….First Day of Spring Edition

Happy first day of Spring! flower

It has been a long time- and I promise that I will get back into the swing of blogging again on regular basis (PROMISE!) We have lots of updates in our little police household that I look forward to sharing – but for now, let’s just start with a  First Day of Spring edition of “You Know You are a Police Wife When….”

……you understand why working the overnight (11pm-7am shift) is more appealing than being the 7pm-3am traffic car.

… clearly understand the annoyance of the full time officers calling off, getting paid for the shift, and having to cancel your own plans as a result.

….you get excited about your husband only having one case at court (this means they have time to go to Target while you are still at work).

……you tell your husband to suck up when he works a short shift, double, short shift – mainly because it doesn’t impact your schedule (you are used to Fridays and Saturday nights alone)

……you understand what a short shift, double, short shift means.

…….you have more time for March Madness brackets than your husband (and are clearly going to watch more games).

…….you know that your evenings don’t begin until at 11:30pm on Saturday when your husband gets off work and is all excited to go out (and even though it is clearly past your bed – you still go out with a smile on your face).

…… put a positive spin on everything, because you know it is your place to be the happy one (especially when your husband comes home after a rough shift)

…….you read this post and smiled – because at least one of these applied to you!

Until next time…

Stay Safe

Ms. Officer Charger

2 thoughts on “You Know You are a Police Wife When….First Day of Spring Edition

  1. I wish my husband got home at 11…he works dogwatch so I’m going to work as he’s coming home, but I DO look forward to the days off when he can actually come to bed with me. 🙂

    • My hubby works overnights all during the week- so I know how it goes! I do look forward to the nights he is home in bed also. The only night we are lucky with the 11pm end time is Saturdays….and usually he does have to be back at 7am Sundays…which is rough sometimes.

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