Representing two

As all law enforcement wives know-we often take on the role of representing not just only ourselves, but our husbands as well. I know there have been many times that I’ve gone to family dinners, or holidays on my own- and overall that I has gotten extremely easy over the years. Attending functions with friends, however can be more challenging. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t attend events with our friends because I feel bad that officer Charger is missing out, but I also know that staying home each and every time he works isn’t good either.

My usual rule? If I get an invite out, I attend. I do sometimes get it in my head that I’m not good enough without Officer Charger, but I know this isn’t really the case. I am extremely lucky that I have friends who involve me, even when they know Officer Charger can’t attend. Last night, for example was the yearly fire-fighter banquet (Charger is also a volunteer firefighter), we didn’t have plans to attend the banquet since he was scheduled to work a double; but I had some amazing friends who remembered to let me know where everyone went after.

It was nice to be accepted as soon as I got there, I was even told that I was “part of the group with, or without Charger, and that I should have attended the banquet, even though he was unable.” I have learned to be extremely independent at events and strong enough to represent two, and not just one. In fact, having to represent for us both has helped make me more positive and out going. I know that I have to make plans without Charger, and do feel extremely bad when he can’t attend, but I know that I need to have a life when he is at work.

Fellow police wives, my advice is to get out there, represent your officer and yourself. You will get no where sitting on the coach at home, and let’s face you can only clean the house so many times before you need to get out there and have some interaction with people. So, get out there and represent for two- I know it always makes me feel better about Charger’s schedule. And, I almost always come home with lots of hellos/good wishes for him, and a funny story or two.

Until next time-

Ms. Officer Charger

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