The Golden Rule(s)

When my husband started academy, it was my job to make sure that he stayed focused – it was my job to put on a happy face before he left for academy, no matter what was going on at home. This has continued through as Charger’s police career has begun.

Our rule is that no matter what – before he leaves we are good; anything negative gets put behind us. Charger and I always hug and kiss goodbye, exchange “I love yous,” and I always add on a “be safe/see you later.” It is important to us that we leave this way. I have no control on what happens during his shift, and often he has limited control as well.

In addition to we also have a rule to never hang up on each other – now, all police wives know that when the scanner/dispatch goes off that a goodbye is super quick, but nevertheless – there is a goodbye.

The last piece to making it work- is that Charger does not call a specific time during his shift. I knew that if we got in a habit of a regularly scheduled phone call (or text) that it would be drive me nuts if that call was a minute late. This way – Charger doesn’t feel the need to call if he is busy, or worry about me at home worrying about him. I will say for the most part he is good at letting me know how his shift is going – and when he can pick up he does….and I am very grateful for that- and even the quick “on a call, call you later” text helps me get through his shift.

Hopefully, this helps a few of you – I know it not only helps us through police shifts, but keeps us communicating and reminds us never to leave each other in argument.

Be Safe, and “see” you later –

-Mrs. Officer Charger

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