Taking a Break

The past few days my husband and I have been lucky to both have some time off work, it has been nothing short of a blessing to have more than a few hours together. He has also had the opportunity to sleep, so not only have a seen him for the past two and half days, he has actually been fully present and awake. It is nothing short of amazing what an actual night’s sleep can do for an individual. AMAZING! My husband is by far a different person when he sleeps and has some time off. Sometimes I forget how energetic and fun he can be when I am getting 100 percent of him. My fellow police wives- you will understand this!

We took some much needed time the day after Christmas to do nothing – we actually relaxed and generally enjoyed each other’s company. You know, ate leftovers, had a few drinks, watched a movie – with the phones in a different room. Then yesterday, I sent him off to get a massage (part of his Christmas present), we did some cleaning, and then had an awesome dinner downtown at Monterey Bay – excellent seafood restaurant on Mount Washington – if you are ever in the Pittsburgh area (beautiful view of the city). It was wonderful we had no where to be and even stopped and had an after dinner drink on our way home- hubby’s idea- he even picked where to stop!

I think it is so important for any relationship to have these type of days/nights -one were you just generally enjoy each other’s company; however, it is especially important to our law enforcement family because they are few and far between. Now, this doesn’t mean I don’t see my husband on a regular basis, but to actually have a large chunk of time when neither one of us needs to go to work, and we are not scheduled to be any where never happens. It has almost been a mini vacation -as he has been off since 8am on Wednesday -and does not have to return to work until midnight tonight, Friday (of course his weekend consists of a short shift and a double shift, but it wouldn’t be a weekend with out that!).

To other wives – remember to try to be flexible with your husband’s schedule, I know it can be a real challenge – especially during the busy holiday season, but they deserve your full attention (and some extra) if they are lucky enough to get some time off. I know it can be tempting to schedule yourself some extra time out of the house, especially if you have kids or crazy relatives staying with you,  but really try to schedule yourself some time with him, as it is just as important, if not more important, than any time for yourself or with your girlfriends. I know some times my friends get frustrated with me when they try to schedule/make plans with me – because I always have to check my husband’s schedule before confirming the plans -but to me it is important that I make my schedule work with his. As, he has limited control over his schedule -so the more flexible I can be the better. I am happy to do it – and happy to be a police wife, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am truly blessed.

Until next time –

Files of a Police Wife

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