Oh, the holidays a time for family, friends, food, drinks, gifts, extra shifts, details, and double shifts. If you have a loved one in law enforcement, you know that just because Christmas is coming and everyone else is off until the end of the year, that does not mean that your husband is. As a part time officer at multiple departments my husband picked up three details the week before Christmas and has worked about a week’s worth of shifts in the past three days, including a daylight shift, immediately followed by a detail, and an over night shift. I’m in no way complaining, let me make that clear, but I know while everyone else is planning nonstop family time, I’m working on a schedule, not only make some last minute gifts with the hubby, but to make sure he gets enough sleep between Christmas Eve and Christmas, since he works an over night shift on both. We are lucky to have extremely understanding families when it comes to planning meals, visiting, and presents also who don’t mind when if someone takes a quick, unplanned, nap on the couch. We also do not have kids, so allowing the hubby a quick nap on Christmas morning when he gets finished with his shift is no big deal. I give credit to the families working on the same schedule as us, but with the addition of kids- I honestly do not know how you do it, so any advice for our future would be great! I am lucky being an educator that I get some time off this time of year, so I have been able to clean, cook, wrap, and bake while hubby runs from job to job.

I also have to remind myself hat even though we have limited time together, at least he is home- many families are not so lucky. So, law enforcement wives even though you may do a lot of planning on your own to make Christmas happen, or spend Christmas Eve evening alone- at least at some point during the holiday you do get to see your husband, he does get home safe, and remember if he picks up a shift on Christmas it means that another officer was able to be home with their family and children.

From my law enforcement family to yours- have a safe, joyous and memorable holiday. Here’s to everyone coming home safe and sound.

With love and hope,
-Files of a police wife

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