An Introduction

As a start to this blogging journey I want to introduce a little bit about myself and my family. I a am 26 (soon to be 27) year old- trying not to only make my own path through life, but also to stand by my husband – who is a police officer. We are also newlyweds – having only been married since last July. As of now, we do not have any kids- but we have two cats, and a wonderful black lab named Ruger (how fitting) that fill our time at home. My husband and I have been together for just over four years- and in those four years we have been through it all- finishing college degrees, getting jobs, losing jobs, police academy, our wedding, friends’ weddings, births, deaths, and everything in between. I want to share our story- with a special focus on what it is like to survive in the world of Law Enforcement. A police wife not only has to take special care of herself to make it through the long nights, double shifts, and dateless social gatherings; but she also has to be able to get her officer husband through the tough times – the sleepless nights, the missed social gatherings, and the pressures of balancing work and home. My husband is currently a part-time officer- so his schedule involves three departments, court time, and way more than 40 hours a week. This blog is our story – and what we have done to make it work; I hope that other police wives (those just starting and those who have managed to survive for years) can find some comfort in knowing they are not alone and that there are many out there just like them.

A quick note on comments:

I will welcome all comments, especially if you can relate to any of our stories, or have advice on being a police wife – I know there are many of us who experience similar situations, and I strongly believe that we can all benefit from each other. I do ask that all comments are put in a positive manner, as negative comments will not be tolerated. If you disagree with the profession of my husband, this is not the place for you to voice that opinion. Please understand that names will be changed to protect my husband’s identity due to his profession, so I do ask that if you know us personally that you please keep any information regarding this out of your comments. Thank you very much – and enjoy!

-The author of “Files of a Police Wife”

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